The Al Fresco Lifestyle: Designing Inviting Outdoor Dining Spaces

The Al Fresco Lifestyle: Designing Inviting Outdoor Dining Spaces

As a construction company owner, you know the importance of creating inviting spaces for your clients. One trend that has been gaining popularity over the years is outdoor dining areas. With more people wanting to enjoy meals and gatherings outside, it’s important to know how to design an outdoor dining space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for designing an al fresco dining area that will leave your clients wanting more.

Location, location, location

The first step in designing an outdoor dining space is choosing the right location. Ideally, it should be close to the kitchen or grill area while also providing some privacy from neighbors or busy streets. Consider adding a pergola or trellis for shade and ambiance, or using existing landscaping to create a natural barrier.

Seating Options

When it comes to seating for an outdoor dining area, there are several options to consider. Traditional patio furniture such as tables and chairs can work well but consider mixing things up with built-in benches or even a cozy lounge area with cushions and pillows for added comfort.


Lighting is crucial for setting the mood in any space, including outdoor dining areas. String lights provide a warm glow while lanterns or candles can add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Consider installing dimmer switches so your clients can adjust the lighting depending on their needs.

Design Elements

Design elements such as colors, textures, and patterns can help tie everything together in an outdoor dining space. Consider incorporating natural elements such as stone or wood into the design for a rustic feel, or modern accents such as metal for a sleek look.

Entertainment Options

Finally, don’t forget about entertainment options when designing an al fresco dining space. Adding speakers for music or a television for watching sporting events can take the space to the next level and create an inviting atmosphere for gatherings.


Designing an outdoor dining area can be a fun and exciting project for construction company owners. By choosing the right location, seating options, lighting, design elements, and entertainment options, you can create an inviting space that your clients will love. Keep in mind that functionality is just as important as aesthetics when it comes to designing outdoor spaces. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect al fresco lifestyle for your clients.